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            Low Power FM Guidelines for Legal Broadcasting

Board Changes - If 50% or more of an original board changes the FCC must be notified by filing Form 314, Transfer of Control.

Silent STA - Any station Silent for 30 days or more must notified the FCC. Approval is limited to 180 days and may be extended once. if a station does not resume broadcasting within a year the FCC cancels its License.

Minor Mod Move - Lost your tower site? Need to move your transmitter and antenna for any reason? Let CCB file a Form 318 Minor Mod Move.

Assignment of License - Want another local non-profit to take over ownership of a LPFM? Let CCB file a Form 314 Assignment of License.

EAS Compliance - Is your EAS currently and operational? Are you maintaining required Weekly and Monthly records? Are you ready for the annual EAS National Periodic Test which has been delayed to October 4, 2023. If your answer is "no" to these questions contact CCB.

Underwriting - As a Non-Commercial Educational (NCE) broadcaster you cannot air commercials. Let CCB know if you have underwriting questions. Political advertising is illegal to broadcast on any NCE station.

Equipment - CCB sells the equipment to operate or upgrade an LPFM station.

      CCB is Your LPFM "A.C.E.

Need any type of help related to Low Power FM?  CCB offers Advocacy, expert Consulting and quality radio Equipment on a low-power budget.

Since LPFM started in 2000, CCB has successfully filed more than 1,000 FCC LPFM applications of all types for churches, ministries, schools, and other local community groups.

John Broomall is not just a Consultant and FCC filer.  He has a "hands-on" knowledge of LPFM having operated WPCG, Grace Radio 102.9, Canton, GA (near Atlanta) since 2004. 

Christian Community Broadcasters                        770 720-1037                     JohnBroomall @Yahoo.com